Common Errors

Once your DNS is set up you are likely to have to go back periodically and make changes to the entries as webhosting, email, and other arrangements change. While doing this it is possible to introduce errors into the zone file, and we'd like to take the time to warn you about one of the more common problems.

The easiest way for errors to creep into your settings is during the process of making changes to where the domain name points. If you need to change the IP or URL for your domain or one of its hosts, you need to find that name in the A records list and change the IP in the "IP or URL" field. You then click next to confirm and commit the changes, as usual. Often people instead mistakenly use the "Add A records (hosts)" section, entering the hostname again and this time pointing to the different IP.

What will happen if you create another A record for a name which already has one is that something called "Round Robin" DNS will be set up. Round Robin means that the name is pointed to both IPs, and the servers will respond by alternating between the 2 IP addresses. One request gets the first IP, then next one the second, then back to the first, and so on. If you meant to change the IP, this will mean that half the time the DNS will return the wrong IP address. To fix this you click the "del" checkbox beside the incorrect IP and click next to confirm and commit the changes.

If you create a new A record instead of modifying or updating an existing one, but enter a URL instead of an IP, the system will still try to set up a Round Robin arrangement, but URLs cannot be used for Round Robin. This causes an illegitimate record to be attempted. The record will show up as blank in the member page and the DNS will not work. Unfortunately these records are more difficult to correct so you will have to contact support to fix this kind of error.


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